Thursday, June 6, 2013

Where Have All The Tasks Gone?

Points to anyone who read that to the tune of that Paula Cole song.

Anyway, I know I haven't updated on my task progress in well over a month.  I do have good reasons!  If you recall I was planning that Anniversary party that was the end of last month, plus normal daily routines, illness, my children, and doctor appointments.  Sometimes life does force you to act like a responsible adult and not the child you would rather be who can wander off carefree and do as they please with no responsibilities or worries in the World.

Ah, fantasy, how I love thee!

Though I haven't been able to tackle some of the more involved tasks I have handled a few.  I have still been reading fanfictions, but I lost count on the number and will have to go back and tally them.  I did make another new recipe, it was this very tasty easy to make Alfredo sauce.  Unfortunately I can't share where I got it because the owner of the blog has changed it to private.  : /  Let me try and remember how to make it and I'll post it here in a later post and if the owner ever makes their blog public again I shall be sure to post the link!

As for my progress on learning First person Shooter games, I am still working on Third Person perspective games.  Right now I have started the Assassins Creed series.  Sean figured this would give me practice with different types of commands in video games and would also give me a better feel using a controller to play.  With Mass Effect since we PC game I used the keyboard and mouse because that was how those games were set up to be played.  Assassins Creed allows for a controller hook up.  I have clocked about five hours thus far in the first one, I'm hoping to work some more on it this weekend.  I'm hoping to eventually be able to play things like Fallout and Skyrim.

I remember playing the first couple of Fallouts years ago before they changed the setup on them.  I really like the storylines and everything so it would be nice to actually continue the series finally.  As they say practice makes perfect.

Now that we are passed both the actual Anniversary and the party I am sure y'all are wondering if I ever did complete the task for getting Sean something awesome?

Oh I have!

First off I gave him three things.

One was a planned surprise.

One was a spontaneous surprise.

One was mutually agreed upon.

The planned surprise was this really neat looking American Flag painted on a piece of barn tin.  Since I knew Sean liked tin signs and he is patriotic, I figured it was perfect.  He loves it and it is now hanging on our wall, here is a picture.

The mutually agreed upon gift was an iPad.  Sean and I both wanted iPads for some time but with the kind of budget we live on we weren't always able to justify the cost for one let alone two.  Since they have dropped the price some on the iPad 2s we felt it was time and what better reason then for our Ten Years!  I won't be sharing a picture because I imagine most everyone knows what an iPad looks like.

As for the spontaneous surprise, this was my grand finale present.  I had the thought one day that it would be cool do get someone with artistic abilites to paint a picture of Bettie Page (who Sean likes) on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise (because Sean also really likes Star Trek).  Then I remembered a friend from high school and how she has been doing really cool paintings and artwork and that perhaps she might have the time take on the commission.  When I told her about it she seemed really excited by the idea of it and I am ever so grateful that she took the commission.  Well she finally was able to complete the piece a couple days ago and here it is.  I believe she titled it "The Captain't Chair"

Isn't it awesome?  Well Sean and I think so and that is really what matters!  She said she modeled it after old movie posters.  Sean also has her working on a custom piece for me too, which I am excited about!

Now you honestly should go check out all of her work!  Her name is Kristin Frenzel, she does neat paintings like I said.  She also handles Illuminated Lion where she does etched glassware.  She has some Etsy stores where you can buy her items.

Anyway, she is very talented and an awesome lady so you ought to check her out.  The picture of Sean's piece above came from her too, she will be shipping it along with mine when she finishes it together, but I didn't think I could do a better picture to share.  It will be such fun getting a frame for this too and hanging it up!

Hopefully with Summer about to start I can start tackling a good bit of my tasks as many of them are with the children and what better time to do it then the Summer, right?

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