Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Taskmaster!

So, I spent this year's St. Patty's Day, not only with my family, but also being productive.  Well, at least as far as my Task list goes.

First and foremost, I added another two new recipes to my count for task #6, thus bringing the count tally to six out of 50 recipes!

Normally on St. Patty's Day I cook Potato Leek Soup along with Irish White Soda Bread.  This year I decided to do something different.  I still cooked my Potato Leek Soup because this potato soup loving gal just HAD to, but instead of the soda bread I made Beef and Potato Pasties to go along with it.   I snagged the recipe for them from here.  Now these pasties turned out absolutely delightful!  Plus pretty simple to do!  Definitely going to be added to the regular meal rotation.  Here is a picture of my yummy dinner from yesterday!

Oh man I wish there were leftovers!  Well, actually there is of the soup!  Woot!

Oh what was that?  Oh yes I did say I made two new recipes, you are right!  I decided to follow the oh so wonderful dinner with a yummy new dessert!

Irish Lemon Pudding!  I found this recipe at the following link.  Oh man did this turn out fantastic, it had a nice and light feel and went wonderfully with whipped cream!  And yes, of course I remembered to take a picture!  Here you go!

While I was in between cooking the meal I decided to take the time to finally sit down and get back to work on the purse I started to make a while back, which I made task #16.  Originally I was moving right along that I was sure I'd finish it last night but after a long day of cooking and sewing (Wow do I sound domestic or what?) I found I got hit in the face with a wave of exhaustion and ended up having to go to bed.  That was alright though as all I had left was the trim and snaps to add which I did this morning and now I shall introduce you to my new purse!

I am really proud of it, even with the flaws because doing that without a pattern, hand sewing, and being an amateur, I'd say that came out pretty well!  It's difficult to tell from the pics, but the trim is across the top of both sides, the bit of under fabric sticking out on the last picture there is actually the other side of the purse, it has a bit of sag, but I planned it that way!

Now while managing to tackle the above two tasks I decided to go ahead and throw a third task in the mix!  When I sew I love to watch something but I prefer movies and shows I have already seen since I prefer to give me full focus on new shows.  Thus I took advantage of the opportunity and began knocking out task #38) Re-watch the complete series' of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly, by getting started with some vampire slayage action!

So, there take that task list!  :D

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