Saturday, February 9, 2013

New Recipes, FanFictions, and More!

Well it is time for another update on my progress!

As I said in the previous update I had plans to make a Crockpot Potato Soup that I hadn't tried before. The recipe I used came from here.

The soup was excellent and definitely will be made again in this house! I did have to change a couple of things, like I only had Beef broth instead of chicken broth. I unfortunately did not get a picture, but if I remember I shall try and get one the next time I make it!

The second new recipe I tried just last night was Crunchy Black Bean Tacos. This recipe can be found here.

The only changes I had to make to this one was we could only find white corn tortillas and I don't have the cornerstone black bean recipe, so I used a can of black beans and mashed them up with the spices and cilantro. These were very good, even my picky princess three year old loved them! Again another recipe to add to our arsenal of meals and this time I did remember to get a picture as you can see!

I have a whole list of other recipes to try and my next one is going to be Crushed Sweet Potatoes! So, keep a look out for future updates!

I have been working on #23)Read 100 new Fanfictions. The trick with this one is I am so picky with the Fanfictions I read because so many people out there either aren't meant for writing, write the characters so out of character they might as well wrote their own, or have such a ridiculous plot that it makes my eyes twitch. So, I spend a good bit of time shuffling through trying to find a good one to read.

The current few I read were from That site has a good variety of different categories so I always like to start there. I do have a few other sites that are more specific in what is posted that i look at too, but I always start with

Right now I am shuffling through the Harry Potter fanfictions as that is my first love in the World of fanfiction. Yes, I do look for Severus Snape stories first. I did come across a story where the author took a previous story they wrote (one I read) and divided the storyline in the middle and started up another story with a different path. I like stories like that because it helps answer some questions about what would of happened if things worked out differently.

I managed to read about five different new fanfictions thus far. I'm not planning to post them because I have no idea how many people are that into fanfiction besides me. If you are interested then please feel free to contact me and I shall give you some titles, but keep in mind, my tastes are weird to many. :P

I've slowly been working on #90) Go through my clothes and donate what I get rid of to goodwill. It is taking longer than I thought because not only do I have tons more clothes to go through than I realized, we've also had some stalling in doing laundry thanks to frozen pipes. Still, I've got almost one full black garbage bag full of clothes and I foresee at least one to two more following that.

That seems to be all for this update, I continue to try and tackle more as I go along. Thanks for following along!

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